Laser Hair Removal

Yuma's only DUET Laser Hair Removal provider

Laser hair removal is a treatment to reduce and eliminate unwanted hair in different areas of the body. Nouveau Beauty serices customers in Yuma, Arizona and Tucson Arizona



Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Say goodbye to costly razors
Eliminate in grown hairs
No more razors burns
Say yes to silky smooth hair



Laser Hair Removal Pricing


Non-Member Pricing

$99.00 per session
$10.00 for numbing cream

Member Pricing

$89.10 per session
$10.00 for numbing cream


Underarm Package Promotion

$99.00 for 4 sessions
$10.00 additional for numbing cream



Before and After Pictures

Laser Hair Removal | Yuma | Tucson
Laser Hair Removal | Yuma | Tucson
Laser Hair Removal | Yuma | Tucson


Laser Hair Removal Video



How does laser hair removal work?

When you make an appointment, our technician will determine if you are the right cadidiate. If you are an ideal candidate, the technician will have you fill out a Fitzpatrick Skin Type form. This form helps us determine what settings are required for your laser hair removal treatments. After this, the technician will place the hand piece in the area which is to be treated. You will feel a suction from the the skin and then a light sensation of heat. The heat is the energy that has been delivered. This energy is what eliminates the hair. Depending on your hair, laser hair removal requires several sessions in order to be effective. Therefore, you will be scheduled for your next appointment 5 weeks from your first appointment.